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Garden Tenders was formed by two lifelong friends who share a deep passion for gardening, the outdoors, healthful foods and sustainable, beautiful natural surroundings. They are eager to share that passion with you.

Lynn and Tony have more than 50 years of combined gardening experience in creating and maintaining beautiful, artful flower gardens and delicious, nutritious home grown vegetables.

Garden Tenders can help you create your own stunning floral landscape and bountiful home garden.

If you’d like to create or expand gardens on your property, Lynn and Tony can design gardens to ensure a flowery showcase and lush vegetable plots around your home from early spring until after the harsh autumn frosts and beyond.


Lynn lives on the same Vermont property where she first learned gardening from her grandmother, “Babcia.” When Lynn was six years old, she planted her first garden crop of scallions, lettuces and radishes under the tutelage of Babcia, herself a lifelong gardener.

As a child, Lynn helped her Babcia tend her beautiful flower gardens, including the peonies that still to this day erupt in an explosion of color every June in Babcia’s – and now Lynn’s yard.

Since moving into what was Babcia’s home more than 20 years ago, Lynn and her husband David have greatly expanded the flower and vegetable gardens on the property, using organic methods and landscaping plans that enhance the contours and natural surroundings of the property. Using often novel season extending techniques, Lynn and David often harvest vegetables as early as March and as late as mid-December. Lynn’s exuberant perennial beds have come to attract visitors to her home, as people seek to emulate the success she has with her gardens.

Lynn has honed her knowledge of plant materials and industry standards through six years of employment at P.J. Bushey’s in East Wallingford. There she specialized in general home gardening, organic pest control and the use of organic fertilizers.


Like Lynn, Tony was introduced to gardening as a toddler in the garden his grandfather tended, helping pull weeds and absorbing lessons from his mentor. As Tony grew up,each year he’d help his parents plant, maintain, weed and harvest their vegetable and flower gardens, all joyful tasks he continues to this day. Each long season in his parents’ garden built Tony’s wide knowledge, insights and experience with all aspects of creating and raising vegetables, flowers and landscapes.

Since Tony and his girlfriend Lori built their new house in 2006, the couple has created an organic raised cedar bed and vegetable and herb garden. He has also expanded his repertoire of techniques to extend harvest season well into December, a time of year not normally associated with fresh produce in New England. Tony and Lori also share a love of perennials and have been beautifying their property with an ever expanding array of meticulously designed flower beds.